Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Weird Night.

Tonight Dimitry left us to go DJ/run his weekly party, High Voltage (sidenote: my boyfriend's NYC party continues to get larger and more prominent in the NYC nightlife "scene" every month. I used to help him promote/publicize, but he definitely needs no help at this point. Every success that party has had is because of him. He works so hard for that Wednesday night party. He throws and books huge events that large venues couldn't even throw down on their own. He's amazingly talented and I'm ridiculously proud of him.)

Anywayyyys, Dimitry left and I thought I would just go to bed after researching for some of my upcoming interviews. But, instead, I realized I hadn't eaten since my 8 am Murray's bagel I ordered Anytime. I ate some potatoes and then let Riley chew on the empty dish. As I sat on the bed snacking on my Mac&Cheese, they both fell asleep in the weirdest positions (Riley with the dish on his head, Dylan in the position he was in as he was previously licking his back). They really are the two most entertaining dogs/little men I know. Every animal lover should own a pug.

Here's MAC Photobooth pics of our past two hours:


ladypug said...

that's hilarious. love the dish on the little babies, they are...

jessica maria said...

Ahahahaha! So cute! And YAY for Dimitry - he really has made that party killer!

See you on Friday :)