Monday, April 28, 2008

Spin for Dinner.

Abused Animals Need Everyone's Help

I wrote a letter to Perez Hilton. No, it was not about a celebrity I saw in SOHO or a product I'm pitching at work. It was about Pugs 'N Pals and the devastating story that I just read on their blog.

Why Perez Hilton? Well, I know he's an animal lover and a dog owner himself. When Oprah did the special on Puppy Mills, millions of people found out about this horrible situation because of her massive audience. Perez Hilton gets 3 million hits per day. If 3 MILLION people could read this story and be inspired and as touched as I am, I think we might be on to something.

Out of Chachi's devastation, something good must come. Below is my letter to Perez. I am donating to Pugs 'N Pals in Chachi's name and I think that everyone who reads his story should try to help out. If not with financial donation, with the reposting of his story or the posting of any dog rescue, adoption organizations or center you support.

Chachi's story is HERE
Pugs 'N Pals Website is HERE
Perez Hilton site is HERE

-Letter to Perez-

Perez- Being a huge fan of your site for a couple years now and being involved in the world of marketing, advertising and public relations I am completely aware of the massive influence you have and potentially hold over your audience. I have never emailed you before, but as I sit in my New York City apartment crying my eyes out, I have been trying to think of what can be done out of one particular situation I have just learned of and what could help prevent potentially hundreds of more similar situations. And what can be done, can be done with your help.

Pugs 'N Pals is a truly amazing organization, based out of Southern California. They rescue dogs (not just pugs) from around the country that have been abused, neglected or ignored and find loving homes for them. I do not know much about the organization, but from owning two pugs and being a dog lover for all of my life, I have developed a natural love for Pugs 'N Pals. From stories I have heard to blog posts I have read, Pugs N' Pals is eminent in the world of dog rescuers. When I was living in San Diego I first heard about the organization, but from living in New York I have heard people talk about them out here as well. In my opinion, this organization deserves so much more respect. Respect through awareness and public discussion.

This is the current situation I just read about from the Pugs 'N Pals blog:

Please, read that post. Chachi's story must be spoken about. I can't even fathom how anyone could treat any animal like how the owners of Chachi treated him...but, this IS reality and I think that every animal lover and potential animal lover should become aware of what is happening to innocent animals living in our country, in our state. Please help, Perez. You have potentially the greatest influence in this country and we must all work together to stop these terrible things.

Thank you,
Alana Mann

Friday, April 25, 2008


I haven't been able to make any updates,or even take that many pictures lately, so my apologies for the lack of updates.

Just to give you a little inside into the life that is Riley and Dylan's mommy...I graduate from the New School University on May 15th (ahhh just a couple of weeks) and I am also making changes with my job. I'm leaving the PR firm I've been a part of for two and a half years and currently applying at a couple of different PR firms. This process has been INCREDIBLY draining, especially with my current work load and then with everything at school. So, while I have not had much of a chance to have a social life, I haven't even had time to take photos or check my blogger.

So, in a few weeks I will hopefully have an awesome new job that pays me well, I will be a graduate, I will be very content and will hopefully have weekends to hangout with my dogs and photograph them as much as possible!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cutest Face Ever

Riley was in UCM (ultra cute mode) today! Look at how adorable he is!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Riley and Dylan have a myspace. Add us.

Riley and Dylan's Space

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Polaroid 2.

Our friend, Stephanie, with the boys.

Dinner Time.

Bathroom Time.

Daddy and Dilly.

More Miley.

She's just being Miley.

Our good friend, Jason, just became a Daddy. He had to go apartment searching on Sunday and let us babysit. This is Miley, she's a 5 month old Dachshund. She's the sweetest little thing. And yes, Jason named her after Miley Cyrus.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Polaroid 1.

We've been taking a lot of polaroids of our dogs lately. Here is the first of many. The polaroid is of Riley and our friend, Seri.