Friday, April 25, 2008


I haven't been able to make any updates,or even take that many pictures lately, so my apologies for the lack of updates.

Just to give you a little inside into the life that is Riley and Dylan's mommy...I graduate from the New School University on May 15th (ahhh just a couple of weeks) and I am also making changes with my job. I'm leaving the PR firm I've been a part of for two and a half years and currently applying at a couple of different PR firms. This process has been INCREDIBLY draining, especially with my current work load and then with everything at school. So, while I have not had much of a chance to have a social life, I haven't even had time to take photos or check my blogger.

So, in a few weeks I will hopefully have an awesome new job that pays me well, I will be a graduate, I will be very content and will hopefully have weekends to hangout with my dogs and photograph them as much as possible!


jessica maria said...

CONGRATS! Woooooo that's awesome <3 xo

sonya ina said...

Congrats on school and hopefully a new job!

I just randomly came across your blog... seeing that you have pugs :] I have a black pug myself, and he's one of the loves of my life. He's pretty much the majority of what I post about on my blog >>
so I thought I'd share!

Yay for pugs!

TwoPugs said...

Big congratulations on graduating!

And best of luck with your job search. I hope you find just the job you are looking for.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

I am so excited for you! What a great post!
:) Melissa

Clover said...

Congrats on your graduation! Best of luck on your job hunt! Hope everything goes well. We will be happy to see pictures of your pug babies once you are all settled in your new fantastic job!

PugNYC said...

thanks everyone!!