Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Crazy Month

December has by far been the craziest month of my life. It started with me taking a day job and a night job to replace the non-existent income I had with the lay off of my previous job. So, I started the month by working a 8 am - 7 pm job 6 days a week and a 7 pm - 2 am job 4 nights a week. Throw in Dylan's emergency, a 48 hour stomach flu and the holidays and there you go...craziest month. So, I apologize for the lack of updates...especially after all that we've been through. We actually had no internet in our apartment for a few weeks and then on December 20th we flew to CA for a vacation with my family...which also left no time to go online. I want to thank everyone for their interest in Dilly. He is doing well...still having some trouble with his leg and showing a little bit of pain after days where he walks around too much. The vet said it will still take time for him to heal and continued bedrest is needed. But, he is so happy 99% of the time and is loving life. We took him to CA with us, as we do every year...only this time, Riley was the only one chasing the hose in my mom's backyard. We took the boys to dog beach, which was so fun...Dylan and Riley loved walking around and meeting Sarah, their new pug friend. Here are some pictures from the beach and vacation.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad he is doing better!!
I have done shifts like that before, you only go home to sleep, it's hard.
I hope you had some time to enjoy your christmas. :)

Rachel said...

How do you fly them with you??? Do you have to pay for an extra seat or do you check them?