Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I can't put into words or even think of an appropriate subject for this entry. But, if you're a pug owner, a pug fan, or even a random reader of this blog please stick with me and read this.

Today, I got off work early and was able to run home for a half hour before going to my night job. I was so happy to get off early because that meant one thing...getting to go see my dogs for a few minutes. So, with the extra hour I had, I headed from NYC to Brooklyn to go spend just a few minutes with Riley and Dylan. As I got home, I opened the door and realized only Riley was there to greet me...this was a first. I proceeded in and started talking to my boyfriend as he was sitting on the couch with Dylan who was just waking up from a nap at his feet. I said to Dylan (aka Dilly) in my best pug voice, "who wants dinnnnnner?"...he didn't flinch. At that moment, I knew something was wrong. Apparently an hour before he had jumped up on the couch to take a nap, but had acted completely normal prior. Even this morning as I woke up, both Riley and Dylan sprinted out of bed, circled on the floor and started talking in pug noises because they knew it was their favorite part of the day, breakfast. I fed them, walked them, played with them, and watched them both get back in bed...a normal morning. So, coming home to this was a huge surprise. We assumed Dilly hurt his legs (which have been trouble before) and possibly even broke his back leg...but we weren't sure. Dylan still ate his dinner...but couldn't keep his balance and kept on wobbling...almost in an inebriated state. We immediately called a car and headed for the hospital. In the car on the way there I just held him so tight. To be honest, the worst scenario my mind developed was that he had broken a leg and would have to hobble around in a little cast for a while.

We got to the NYC Bobst Animal Medical Center and rushed Dylan into the Emergency Room. We met with a doctor, who said that it could be a disk problem (no signs of broken bones) and that she was going to run some tests...both physical, and neurological. I went outside to call my mom and dad...both of whom are in LOVE with their any proud grandpugparents would be. They told me to stay positive and just wait to see what the doctor said. So, back in I the 2nd floor, to sit and just anxiously await the doctor's return. She came back and called us into a room...where we got the horrible news, the worst news we've ever received with one of them...the worst news I've ever received. She told us she's not sure but it appeared that Dylan has an inflammatory infection...perhaps in his spine, spreading to his brain. This was determined from basic neurological tests...but as she reiterated, she was not sure what exactly was wrong. She said we needed to admit him to the ICU for the night where they could perform blood work and transfer him to the neurologist in the morning. And she kept on giving us bad news...and as she kept on mentioning, she was not certain about anything. But, she did seem pretty certain from the neurological tests that there was a possible inflammatory infection in his spine or potentially in his brain. Now THIS, we were not expecting THIS. We both broke down in that room, room #4, and I can't even explain what was going through me. My hands were shaking, tears were flowing and I could feel my heart in my chest. This was the last thing I expected to hear. Dylan and Riley both had checkups two months prior...perfect, or so we were told. I'm too distraught to go into this much more, but I will over the next few days as we find out more information...because it does seem to help.

So now, we are home...which isn't even home without our little baby Dylan. 2 years as of since September 4th...he's way too young. He's being monitored at one of the best hospitals in NYC and I guess all we can do is pray.

In the past few months I've lost my job, become unemployed, scrambled to pay the rent and become frustrated with New York City. But, none of that compares to this...not one bit. Dylan is my baby. He is my little shadow...he always has been. He sits next to me when I brush my teeth, sits outside the shower door as I shower, sits at my feet as I do the dishes and every single night he falls asleep on my right shoulder. I don't know what it's like to have kids...but, I do know what it's like to care so much about someone, you put them before matter what. I mean, really, my dog's food is $3 a can...only the best for my boys. I'm 23, my boyfriend is 26, and together we've put everything into raising these 2 dogs. Unfortunately, I don't make much money and the fact that I've had no source of income for the past month, doesn't make it any easier. Tonight cost us $4,000...which I'm sure we will be paying off for a while. But if little Dylan makes it and can get this surgery without suffering too much, it will cost us more. And call me crazy, but IF he will not be in too much pain, I will do whatever it takes to save him. So, I'm calling on fellow pug owners, general bloggers and friends to help out. I know it's the holidays and everyone is on a budget...but please, if you can help us out it would be GREATLY appreciated. I have a paypal account that we will be using to accept donations. And please believe me when I say, every single penny will go to saving Dylan. If you can't donate, please just whatever or whoever you believe in. If you live in NYC, we will be putting together a benefit for Dylan...if he can pull through without pain and make it. The PayPal donate button is below. I will update this blog, with any news we hear. Please say a prayer for our little Dylan.

UPDATE: 10:54 am, Thursday: We got some great news just now...the neurologist has ruled out neurological damage as a concern. I didn't want to write about this, but there is a common fatal disease found in pugs called PDE, that affects the brain and spine of pugs and can come on immediately. Last night, I was trying to remain optimistic, but couldn't help keep on thinking that this is what had happened to my baby, that he had fallen to this terrible disease. SO, getting the news that it is not PDE, is AMAZING! He's not in the clear yet, in the next few hours we will get a call from the orthopedic surgeon who will be attempting to find out what exactly is wrong with his leg. He's still having a hard time standing straight and the pain has localized to his back right leg. We will update when we hear. The veterinarian said he might even get to come home this afternoon! :) Thank you everyone for your strong and positive thoughts...I truly believe they are helping our little Dylan.

UPDATE: 2:50 pm, Thursday: We haven't heard from the orthopedic surgeon yet, but as we were told yesterday, no news is good news. Bringing home Dylan right now might be too much of an optimistic thought...but, we're hanging in there and hoping for the best. Your comments have honestly got me through this very tiring and scary past 16 hours.

UPDATE: 11:30 am, Friday: Dylan is home, the new entry details everything and how our little man is doing.


Lawrence said...

Will be at the benefit, I hope.

IN the meantime, see about a second opinion. Our family used to have a shih-tzu. There were countless times we were told all sorts of wrong diagnoses from various doctors. The poor pup would've been put to sleep several times. However, she lived to 16. I'm not saying he's in the same situation. But the point is that vets can be wrong. Get a second opinion if you can!

Too Cute Pugs said...

Ah, I'm so sorry. I'll be happy to contribute (I have some money coming into my Paypal in the next few days. I'll send it along then)

I agree with Lawrence. Getting a second opinion is a very good idea.

alanajonesmann said...

definitely! thanks for your kind words, lawrence!

Punchbugpug said...

Yes! Always get a second opinion! Keep us posted and we'll all do what we can to help you out! Email me punchbugpugatyahoodotcom there are ways to fundraise. Don't loose hope!!!!

jessica maria said...

Poor baby! That's horrible. I will donate some money your way on my next payday - and Dylan will be in my prayers <3

Paula said...

I will surely keep Dylan in my well puggy thoughts and prayers for a full and complete recovery. I passed on this post to a rather large Yahoo pug group and posted about Dylan on my blog spreading the unfortunate news as far as I can for help for him. Please go to the main pug meetup board and post there about Dylan also.

Keep the faith! Bandit was seriously ill this year and is coming back fine. I know how it causes us to wear our heart on our sleeve.

Pug Hugs,


me =) said...

i wish you were in so cal..... not only does my best friend work at the top animal ER in Orange County but we have, in my honest opinion, the BEST vet EVER! when my american bulldog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, i took him to many different vets for 2nd opinions yet his pain & aggression was getting bad & they would have to muzzle him..... when a family member informed me of their vet, i made an appt yet i wasn't able to take him so my sister who has NO patience at all offered to take him. i warned her about him possibly being muzzled & just to have patience with him..... when i called to see how the appt went, i was super nervous yet my sister informed me that he couldn't stop giving her kisses..... my point- she's amazing! her name is dr. yasso & she is located in yorba linda, ca at a vet called "circle of friends"....

also, does the hospital offer care credit? if so, see if you're approved & if you are, you get a year of no interest! its pretty good....

my thoughts are with you, your family & especially your lil baby dylan..... i eventually had to put my baby Boo Boo (the american bulldog) down when he was about a year & a half old..... to this day, its the hardest thing ive ever done..... once i get paid, i will be donating towards the recovery of your baby.....

best wishes & take care,
elizabeth from orange, ca

alanajonesmann said...

thank you for all for the positive helps more than you think! all of your help is SO truly appreciated! much love, alana

Nunya said...

aw alana, so sorry about this. i donated what i could. i second everyone's opinion to get a second opinion!

Archie and Melissa said...

oh alana
i am soooo sorry. my heart is just breaking. i am thinking of all of you. i will help spread the word and make a donation now.
melissa and emmitt

Unknown said...

We are praying praying praying for Dylan!! We are SO glad that it was not the neurological disorder, but we will continue to pray for TOTAL healing of his little body. Keep us updated!!

Manda Girl said...

OH my goodess, what a frightful night for you both!! I am so releaved to hear that it's not PDE - we have had a few friends with pugs who were lost to that.

I will be sure to check to see how Dylan is doing and spread the word!

AMD said...

I feel your pain. I took my pug to see a cardiologist this morning per order of our regular vet (she heart arrhythmia while listening to his heart as his yearly visit a few weeks ago), and I was so stressed about what could possibly be wrong with him, and how I was going to pay for all of it....especially right around the holidays with the economy being as horrible as it is. I'll be glad to contribute and hope your pug is given a good prognosis. I would definitely need financial help if I was in your situation. After all this is over, you should consider pet health insurance to cover any future illnesses or accidents. I'll be doing the same....

brian said...

Oh man! I hope your pooch prince Dylan comes out of it all just fine! I'll be praying for y'all.

x best,

Clover said...

Oh, Alana, so sorry to hear your awful news. I am praying for Dylan; I hope things turn around quickly.
I think I will be able to donate as well, so I will check on it, and come back.
We are here for you if you need us.
Love Clover, and Mom, Jess

Brutus and Miley said...

We read about Dylan on Clovers blog. We are so sorry. We live in IN now where vet care is more reasonable. When Moms kitty was sick in NJ the vet bills were astounding! We are heading to donate.

Brutus and Miley said...

Oh and I was a redneck for halloween too!

Sandra y Coco Pug said...

Hi, I hope things are better now. Definately try to get a second opinion. My pug had health problems for months (life threatening), was going to be referred to the wrong specialists twice, and was in a comma (or dead?) for minutes until I finally got the right diagnose which was much better than I expected. It took time and a lot of money. Every person that knows me and knows what Coco and I were going through, thought that I was crazy and the only advice I kept hearing was that it was best to put him to sleep and get another dog. I didn't and I don't regret any single effort I made. Don't loose faith, everything is going to be alright!

The WriggleButts said...

Clover told us to pop over! I'm so very sorry to hear what's happening to Dylan. PDE was my first thought, so I'm relieved to hear that's not it. Sure hope they figure it out, and soon!

Ane + Bajas the Pug and Virus the Devon Rex.

alanajonesmann said...

Jessica - Thank you for your kind words and thoughts!

Paula- This morning I woke up and read about Bandit and it gave me so much hope...tell Bandit he's playing role model over the next few days. You're inspiring words really have given me more (much needed) optimism. Thank you!

Elizabeth- Thank you for your note...believe me, I wish we were in CA too! I'm from San Diego...and my favorite vet resides there. Plus having my mom and dad there for me would be so helpful too. But NYC is where these pugs call home, and NYC is where Dylan will pull through and survive! :)

Connie- Thank you so much for your note and donation. We appreciate you so much! We will definitely update with the status of Dylan...thank you so much for thinking of us!

Melissa and Emmitt- You have always provided us with such positive puggy talk...much love and thank you for everything!

Rachel- Thank you so much for your note; we will definitely keep everyone updated and believe me, when we found out it wasn't PDE...the rock in my stomach instantly went away. Thank you for everything!

Manda- Thank you for your kind words...yes, no PDE is the best news!

Anonymous- Your kind words are greatly appreciated...we have CareCredit, which helps, although the credit line is minimal. Insurance will definitely be something we look into asap. When a pet gets sick, it's just the worst thing. Our dogs and I'm sure yours too...want nothing but to unconditionally love us. "Give a dog you're heart and he'll give you yours"

Brian- Thank you! We will keep you updated!!

Clover- Thank you for your prayers and anything you can do. Clover's blog always provides us with such good pug thoughts, stories and glad we can all have a network of people that share the same love

Brutus- You are such a charmer! Thank you for your love and donation! And wasn't it horrible being a redneck? Dylan HATED the lasted about 3 minutes :)

Sandra and Coco- Your faithful and inspiring words bring tears to my eyes. It's people like you that this world needs more of...never give up hope, that's what we're doing now. Thank you for your words...your successful story just gave me a little more help to get through today!

Ane and family- Thank you for your kind words...Clover has been such a help at spreading the word :) No PDE is such a relief...we will continue to update

Thank you to everyone...your comments help myself, Dimitry and Riley stay positive for our Dylan.

Asta said...

Hi Clovew sent me ovew..I'm a fellow NYC doggie..We know how tough times awe..we awe not shopping this yeaw, but I sent a tiny little somethin..I hope it helps.
We will keep pwaying that Dylan gets totally well
smoochie kisses

Lacy said...

w00f's, me shure hopes little Dylan gets better will sent a little money, but mama gots to put it in paypal came her by way of Clover got me paws crossed dat everthing will b ok..

b safe,

Harry Pugalicious said...

Our friend Clover told us about Dylan. We're new to your blog but are thinking good thoughts for you and hoping for a full recovery for Dylan.

These little pugs really get into our hearts, don't they?

We'll keep checking in to see how you're doing.

The Meezers or Billy said...

we came here from Clover's blog. we knows how hard it is with the economy right now and people losing their jobbies. we are purring and purryaing for Dylan, mommy saw his pikshur and fell in love with him we will try to do anything we can do to help out.
Sammy and Miles Meezer and Billy SweetFeets

Lorenza said...

We will be praying for Dylan.
Paws crossed he will be fine.
Take care
Kisses and hugs

The Devil Dog said...

Hi there. We came over from Pearl & Daisy's glog. We are very happy it is not PDE. Mom knew someone who lost a pug (in 2 weeks) to PDE. We hope the vet can figure our what is wrong with Dilly. I sleep on mom's left hip every night, or behind her knees. She knows exactly what you mean when you say your pugs are your children. We shall send all our pug snorts and well wishes to you.


Clover said...

Came to see how Dylan is doing today. I am so glad I am able to help spread the news. My family and I just can't even imagine what you are going through and hope you get some good news today. Hang in there.
Love Clover and Mom, Jess

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

I came right over from Clover's blog. I'll pray for Dylan to have a speedy recovery.
My dad comes home this PM, I'll ask him to help me with the online paypal which is so complicated for me to figure how to do it.
I have two puggy brothers, Ximui and Chubs but I'm the team leader!
Love and hugs.

101arts said...

Keep your head up! I just went through something similiar with my little guy Lenox---i thought he was just tired, but he wasn't moving very much and when I took him in to the emergency vet, it turned out he had a HUGE tumor on his spleen and they thought it was cancer. After removing the tumor and the spleen, I'm happy to say that Lenox is doing well. The biopsy came back benign. My entire world was thrown upside down when all of this happened. I can totally understand what you are going through. Stay strong nad lots of luck to you!

Page said...

I found you through Clover's blog. I'm so relieved to see it's not PDE as that was the first thing I thought of as well. I'm so happy to hear Dylan is home with you! My pugs are my babies as well, as I know how you feel...

Unknown said...

I inherited a 5 room apt. after mom died over 9 yrs. ago.I used it as a place to adopt/rescue pugs.
In fact I have to get a dog loving roomate,between meds,teeth cleaning,food,vet appts.,a so-so salary I make.
Rocky broke my heart.He suddenly couldnt urinate or defecate on his own.I learned how to compress his bladder,and my forefinger to start cleaning him out.Finally around 8,I must have squuezed or pushed the wrong areas(this went on for 22 months).He wouldnt let me touch him,and Id have the techs catheter him.But he was burned out.He was about 8 when I said goodbye.